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A computer provides each process with $65,536$ bytes of address space divided into pages of $4096$ bytes each. A particular program has a text size of $32,768$ bytes, a data size of $16,386$ bytes, and a stack size of $15,870$ bytes. Will this program fit in the machine’s address space? Suppose that instead of $4096$ bytes, the page size were $512$ bytes, would it then fit? Each page must contain either text, data, or stack, not a mixture of two or three of them.
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A computer provides each process with 65,53665,536 bytes of address means 16 pages

program has a text size of 32,76832,768 bytes means 8 pages

program has a data size of 16,38616,386 byte means 5 pages

program has a stack size of 15,870 bytes means 4 pages

total 17 pages are required but 16 are available 

hence answer is  NO


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