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We consider a program which has the two segments shown below consisting of instructions in segment $0,$ and read/write data in segment $1.$ Segment $0$ has read/execute protection, and segment $1$ has just read/write protection. The memory system is a demand- paged virtual memory system with virtual addresses that have a $4-bit$ page number, and a $10-bit$ offset. The page tables and protection are as follows (all numbers in the table are in decimal):

For each of the following cases, either give the real (actual) memory address which results from dynamic address translation or identify the type of fault which occurs (either page or protection fault).

  1. Fetch from segment $1,$ page $1,$ offset $3$
  2. Store into segment $0,$ page $0,$ offset $16$ 
  3. Fetch from segment $1,$ page $4,$ offset $28$
  4. Jump to location in segment $1,$ page $3,$ offset $32$
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