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Write a program that can be used to compare the effectiveness of adding a tag field to $TLB$ entries when control is toggled between two programs. The tag field is used to effectively label each entry with the process id. Note that a nontagged $TLB$ can be simulated by requiring that all $TLB$ entries have the same tag at any one time. The inputs will be:

  • The number of $TLB$ entries available
  • The clock interrupt interval expressed as number of memory references
  •  A file containing a sequence of (process, page references) entries
  • The cost to update one $TLB$ entry
  1. Describe the basic data structures and algorithms in your implementation.
  2. Show that your simulation behaves as expected for a simple (but nontrivial) input example.
  3. Plot the number of $TLB$ updates per $1000$ references. 
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