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The beginning of a free-space bitmap looks like this after the disk partition is first formatted$:\: 1000\: 0000\: 0000\: 0000$ (the first block is used by the root directory). The system always searches for free blocks starting at the lowest-numbered block, so after writing file $A,$ which uses six blocks, the bitmap looks like this$:\: 1111\: 1110\: 0000\: 0000.$ Show the bitmap after each of the following additional actions:

  1. File $B$ is written, using five blocks.
  2. File $A$ is deleted.
  3. File $C$ is written, using eight blocks.
  4. File $B$ is deleted.
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Action Bitmap State
File B is written, using five blocks.  1111 1111 1111 0000
File A is deleted. 1000 0001 1111 0000
File C is written, using eight blocks. 1111 1111 1111 1100
File B is deleted. 1111 1110 0000 1100


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