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A program contains an error in the order of cooperation and competition mechanisms, resulting in a consumer process locking a mutex (mutual exclusion semaphore) before it blocks on an empty buffer. The producer process blocks on the mutex before it can place a value in the empty buffer and awaken the consumer. Thus, both processes are blocked forever, the producer waiting for the mutex to be unlocked and the consumer waiting for a signal from the producer. Is this a resource deadlock or a communication deadlock? Suggest methods for its control.
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Local Area Networks utilize a media access method called CSMA/CD, in which stations sharing a bus can sense the medium and detect transmissions as well as collisions. In the Ethernet protocol, stations requesting the shared channel do not transmit frames if they sense ... this a resource deadlock or a livelock? Can you suggest a solution to this anomaly? Can starvation occur with this scenario?
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