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Which of the following affects the processing power assuming they do not influence each other

  1. Data bus capability
  2. Address scheme
  3. Clock speed
  1. $3$ only
  2. $1$ and $3$ only
  3. $2$ and $3$ only
  4. $1,2$ and $3$
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Larger the data bus size, larger the number of words that can be fetched in one cycle, hence lesser cycles needed.

Using a poor addressing scheme (addressing mode) could waste processor time in fetching the operand address. Example: Using indirect addressing mode when immediate mode could be used.

Better the clock speed, faster the processor.

Option D

All the aforementioned factors affect the processor.


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Answer: D) 1,2 and 3.

Data bus capability - Larger data bus implies a bigger operand can be brought in less no of cycles.

Address scheme - Larger address size implies more no of words can be stored in RAM/Cache thus fewer misses.

Clock speed - More cycles per second implies faster operation.

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