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NIELIT 2017 DEC Scientist B - Section B: 47

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INCA(Increase register A by 1) is an example of which of the following addressing mode?

  1. Immediate addressing
  2. Indirect addressing
  3. Implied addressing
  4. Relative addressing

NIELIT 2017 Scientist B - Section B-47

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Implied addressing

In this mode, an instruction itself has the information about operands as well as operation.

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The Ans is C) Implied Addressing.

Inherent Addressing(INH) or Implied Addressing refers to the instruction which comprises only the OPCODE without an OPERAND.

Some Instructions that use Implied Addressing is HALT, INCA, INCX, POPA, PUSHA etc.

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You need not specify POPA, only POP is needed ryt?

No, it's POPA

And the machine code for POPA is 61.

The PUSHA or POPA instruction either push or pop all of the registers, except segment registers.
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→ Implied addressing refers to instructions that comprise only an opcode without an operand; for example, the INCA (“increment accumulator”) instruction.
→ An implied sequence commences when the PC reaches the opcode for an implied instruction
(a). loads that opcode into the IR
(b). Increments the PC (c). Recognizing that this is an implied instruction, the CPU executes it and continues on to the next instruction.
→ Instructions that use implied addressing are: CLRIM, DECA, DECX, HALT, INCA, INCX, NOP, POPA, POPSR, PUSHA, PUSHSR, ROLC, RORC, RTI, RTS, SETIM, SHL, and SHR.
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$C$  is correct.

No additional information like constants and effective address is mentioned in the instruction.So, clearly the mode is implied.

Reference: Addressing modes

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