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There are four bus lines between $A$ and $B$; and three bus lines between $B$ and $C$. The number of way a person roundtrip by bus from $A$ to $C$ by way of $B$ will be

  1. $12$
  2. $7$
  3. $144$
  4. $264$
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The number of bus lines between a and b =4
The number of bus lines between b and c =3
The number of possible combinations between a and c going through b are 4 * 3 = 12.
if you're talking about round trip, he has 12 possible ways to get there and 12 possible ways to get back, so the total possible ways is 12 * 12 = 144.
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nos of ways fromA to C via B is 4*3=12

Similarly no of ways from C to A via B =3*4=12.

So for round trip nos of ways =12*12=144

Hence the option C is correct.
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