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What is Compaction ?

  1. a technique for overcoming internal fragmentation
  2. a paging technique
  3. a technique for overcoming external fragmentation
  4. a technique for overcoming fatal error
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  • Compaction is a process in which the free space is collected in a large memory chunk to make some space available for processes.
  • In memory management, swapping creates multiple  External fragments in the memory because of the processes moving in and out.
  • Compaction refers to combining all the empty spaces(external fragments) together and processes.
  • Compaction helps to solve the problem of fragmentation(external fragments), but it requires too much of CPU time.
  • It moves all the occupied areas of store to one end and leaves one large free space for incoming jobs, instead of numerous small ones.
  • In compaction, the system also maintains relocation information and it must be performed on each new allocation of job to the memory or completion of job from memory.

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