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Let $R (A, B, C, D, E, P, G)$ be a relational schema in which the following functional depen­dencies are known to hold: $AB \to CD, DE \to P, C \to E, P \to C$ and $B \to G.$ The relational schema $R$ is

  1. in $\text{BCNF}$
  2. in $3NF$, but not in $\text{BCNF}$
  3. in $2NF$, but not in $3NF$
  4. not in $2NF$
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Non prime -> Non prime also leads to transitive depedency?


$A \rightarrow B$

$B \rightarrow C$ (Non prime $ \rightarrow $ Non prime )

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Answer: $D$

Here $AB$ is the candidate key and B->G is a partial dependency. So, $R$ is not in $2NF$.
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not in 2NF because here candidate key is AB and in FD's proper subset of C.K. determine the non prime attribute i.e. B→G

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Yes, you are right. Answer is D.
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AB is key and G is non prime attribute which is partially dependent on B.

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