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An instruction used to set the carry flag in a computer can be classified as

  1. data transfer
  2. process control
  3. logical
  4. program control
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STC:- It is logical instruction or logical  instruction used to set the carry flag in a computer.

  • The carry flag is a single bit in a system status register/flag register used to indicate when an arithmetic carry or borrow has been generated out of the most significant arithmetic logic unit (ALU) bit position.
  • The carry flag enables numbers larger than a single ALU width to be added/subtracted by carrying (adding) a binary digit from a partial addition/subtraction to the least significant bit position of a more significant word.

1 Data Transfer 

The data transfer instructions move data between registers or between memory and registers.



2 Logical 

The Instructions under this group perform logical operation such as AND, OR, compare, rotate etc. Examples are: ANA, XRA, ORA, CMP,  RAL,STC etc. 


3 Program control

 instructions change or modify the flow of a program. The most basic kind of program control is the unconditional branch or unconditional jumpBranch is usually an indication of a short change relative to the current program counter. Jump is usually an indication of a change in program counter that is not directly related to the current program counter (such as a jump to an absolute memory location or a jump using a dynamic or static table), and is often free of distance limits from the current program counter.





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Option (c) Logical

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