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1.What are global miss rate and local miss rates in two level cache.

Lmr is no. of misses on cache / total no. Of access to the cache

Gmr is no. of misses on cache / total no. Of cpu generated ref.

2.Global miss rate of both levels of caches will be same or different?

3.What is no. Of stalls created per instruction in two level cache?(formula?)

I understood what lmr of any cache is.

but gmr is quite confusing.

For better understanding  lets take an eg.

Cpu generates 10 mem. Ref.

L1 is closed to cpu then l2 and then main memory. So l1 is lower level and l2 is higher level. 6 mem. Ref. Are found in l1 and for remaining 4 mem. Ref. L2 is accessed.  and only 2 mem. Ref. Are found in l2.
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