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Here customer to account one to many relation so for each entity one table, total 2 tables.

Next account to statements one to many relation.and here statements is weak for statements one table has been created,where number attribute of account which is Pk,add with id of statements entity and formed candidate key of that new table.and for for account already one table has been created previously .

Next phones and customer in many to many relation ,so we already created a table for customer previously,now one table for relation has and one table for phones has been created. So 2 more new tables.

So total 5 tables will be needed.
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Here we have 3 strong entity and 1 weak entity(using number as foreign key for this table) so total 4 tables needs to be created.

Hi , please correct me .

But , weak entities do not have key attribute , right ?

But , here all entities have key , attribute.

what about owns & has tables ?


Hi Amsar Sokt,

here has relation is 1 to 1 with Customer entity.

so , we can remove the Phones entity.

We can directly add the number attribute of Phones to Customer .

Please correct , me if I am wrong.


 has   is  many to many..

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