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Given below are two Statements:

The water of the pond is muddy. It must have rained last night.

What kind of Anumana (inference) has been used in the above statements. Choose the correct option from the following.

  1. S’esavat anumana
  2. Comparison
  3. Purvovat anumana
  4. Both $(A)$ and $(B)$

Choose the appropriate answer from the options given below:

  1. $(a)$ only
  2. $(b)$ only
  3. $(c)$ only
  4. $(d)$ only
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1 Answer

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not A because

Purvatva Anumana: As name says Purv first (already experienced so we concluded after that this will happen)

          Cause to effect

          Ex: clouds leads to rain

Sheshavat Anumana:  As name indicates shesh means found you

          Ex: in exam there are four option we know that A, B, C, are not answers so D should be right. Here we assumed D is right because we know that first 3 are not its answer.


Samanyato Drushta Anumana:

 As name indicates samana (same ) Drushta (look)

Ex: A<->B  A is same as B

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