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The contents of the text file t1 txt containing four lines are as follows :
a1        b1
a2        b2
a3        b2
a4        b1
The contents of the text file t2 txt containing five lines are as follows :
a1        c1
a2        c2
a3        c3
a4        c3
a5        c4
Consider the following Bourne shell script :

awk - F '  '  ' {Print $1, $2} ' t1.txt |
while read a b ; do
            awk -v aV = $ a - v by = $b  - F ' '
            aV = = $1 (print aV, bV, $2 ) ' t2.txt

Which one of the following strings will NOT be present in the output generated when the above script in run? (Note that the given strings may be substrings of a printed line.)

  1. "b1 c1"
  2. "b2 c3"
  3. "b1 c2"
  4. "b1 c3"
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1 Answer

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3) b1 c2
by Loyal (5.2k points)

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