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Consider the following clauses:

  1. Not inherently suitable for client authentication.
  2. Not a state sensitive protocol.
  3. Must be operated with more than one server.
  4. Suitable for structured message organization.
  5. May need two ports on the serve side for proper operation.

The option that has the maximum number of correct matches is

  1.  IMAP-i;  FTP-ii;  HTTP-iii;  DNS-iv;  POP3-v
  2.  FTP-i;  POP3-ii;  SMTP-iii;  HTTP-iv;  IMAP-v
  3.  POP3-i;  SMTP-ii;  DNS-iii;  IMAP-iv;  HTTP-v
  4.  SMTP-i;  HTTP-ii;  IMAP-iii;  DNS-iv;  FTP-v
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They are asking for maximum correct matches so

  1. Should be $\text{HTTP}$ thus we use $\text{HTTPS}$.
  2. $\text{HTTP}$ as it does not depend on state of device or operating system.
  3. $\text{IMAP}$ or $\text{DNS}^*$Not sure but they may involve multiple servers.
  4. $\text{POP3}$ is suitable for structuring or arranging the folders.
  5. $\text{FTP}$ needs two ports,$20$ for data and $21$ for control.

Thus, Option D, As it's matching with $\text{HTTP-2,IMAP-3,FTP-5}$.

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Should be HTTP thus we use HTTPS

This statement requires small correction. 


Where did you read the point about POP3 ?POP3 is suitable for structuring or arranging the folders.

Can you given any reference?


Need clarification for iii)

2 servers are needed for SMTP..isn't it?

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Option d.
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why ?
I think ftp uses two ports 21 for commands and 20 for data transfer.. thats all i know.
@Akash check out my answer.

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