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Consider a token ring topology with N stations (numbered 1 to N) running token ring protocol where the stations are equally spaced. When a station gets the token it is allowed to send one frame of fixed size. Ring latency is tp, while the transmission time of a frame is tt. All other latencies can be neglected.

The maximum utilization of the token ring when tt =3 ms, tp = 5 ms, N = 10 is

  1. 0.545
  2. 0.6
  3. 0.857
  4. 0.961
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Answer is C

Maximum efficiency of token ring, early token release when every one wants to transmit

=(tx)/(tx +( tp/n))

tx=here given as tt= 3 ms

t=5 ms and N=10,

so efficiency = 3/(3+.5)= .857

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Answer is (C)


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