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Which of the following statements is TRUE?

  1. Both Ethernet frame and IP packet include checksum fields
  2. Ethernet frame includes a checksum field and IP packet includes a CRC field
  3. Ethernet frame includes a CRC field and IP packet includes a checksum field
  4. Both Ethernet frame and IP packet include CRC fields
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before see solution one point  it will be  help :

CRC use hardware level 

checksum use software and hardware level 

solve  question again  :P

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The answer is (C).

Ethernet frame

IP packet 

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8 bytes of preamble is not present in ethernet 802.3 frame format.

Min len should be 72Bytes. Please correct it.

@Tuhin Dutta  preamble and start of frame is not part of DLL...thats why not include...Min 46 and maximum 1500 payload.....and extra you have to add 18 with payload always


checksum is an error-detection scheme that typically refers to a cryptographic hash function, though it also includes CRC. Here are three different types of checksum:

Cyclic Redundancy Checks like CRC32 are fast but collision-prone. They are not robust to collision attacks, meaning that somebody can take a given CRC and easily a second input that matches it.

Cryptographic hash functions like MD5 (weaker), SHA1 (weak), and SHA256 (strong) are specifically designed to be resistant to collision attacks. They are preferable to CRCs in every situation except speed; use the strongest algorithm you can computationally afford.

Key derivation functions like PBKDF2 and bcrypt are designed for passwords. They are checksums that are expensive to compute so that they're robust to brute-force attacks.

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ans c)
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Answer ( C )

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