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How  many cycles here indexed addressing mode will take?

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acc to me ans should be like this..

for register: (0.10*1)=0.10 cycles

for immediate= it should be zero

for direct = 0.30*2 =0.60 cycles (becz 1 mem ref and for 1 mem ref 2 cycles are required)

mem indirect= 0.20*4=0.80cycles

index = 0.20*6=1.2cycles

now 0.10+0.60+0.80+1.2 =2.7 cycles

1cycle required 1ns time

so Tavg =2.7 ns

1 instruction time =2.7 ns

so in 1 sec=1/2.7 ns

that is 370.37 million
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In index mode why you multiplied with 6?
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