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  • $x  + y/2 =  9$
  • $3x  + y = 10$

What can be said about the Gauss-Siedel iterative method for solving the above set of linear equations?

  1. it will converge
  2. It will diverse
  3. It will neither converge nor diverse
  4. It is not applicable
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is this still in course?
Gauss-Siedel iterative method is not in the syllabus

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Answer: A


|1| + |1/2| <= |9|

and |3| + |1| <= |10|
by Boss (33.9k points)
A system of linear equation applicable iff it is diagonally dominant or symmetric positive definite..
here set of equation are not diagonally dominant because a11>= a12 but
a22<= a21  which violates condition of diagonally dominance.

so Gauss Seidel not applicable..
m i ryt ??
even spectral radius i.e. magnitude of max (eigen value) of matrix also greater than 1.. it shouldn't  converges.
it is coming in the 2017
i think it is positive semi definite as z^(T)M(z) > 0 so it should converge correct if i am wrong
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