What is the admission procedure for IIT Madras MS in CSE?
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Hello all,

I wanted to know, what is the procedure for getting admission into MS in CSE in IIT Madras. Please also provide the GATE cutoff is possible.

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MS admission in IITs are though GATE only.

But MS in all IITs are not good, if u are getting MS in iisc Bangalore, IIT Madras, IIT Bombay then it good even better than m. tech of other IITs when it comes to placements and industry exposer...

The Cutoff rank for CSE in IIT Madras changer every year...

The previous years cutoff for CSE in IIT was

GEN – 750 OBC – 704 ST – 425 EWS – 707 PwD SC – 283 ....

GATE score around 650 can fetch you call for MS interview and 740 for M.tech...

  • Candidates with a Master's degree in CSE/IT from IITs will be eligible if:

(i) their Master's degree CGPA is at least 8.0 for general category, 7.5 for OBC-NCL and at least 7.0 for SC/ST/PD categories;


(ii) they have scored 70% and above or equivalent in UG degree for General (65% and 60% respectively for OBC-NCL and SC/ST/PD)...


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