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well i don't want to write this, but can't stop myself from writting this . 
 it's 18 jan. and if u are still thinking to cover the full syllabus, i will suggest u all please please please do not do it till u are 100% confident with all the things u have read till now. There is no point in preparing if u can't do what u read the whole year, reading and learning new things require more time as compared to revision. if are very gud at subjects and u know u have subjects on tips then only go for new. I really don't suggest covering new topics. 
Now I want to tell u what happens in gate exam . The questions which create pressure on you are not the questions which are from topic u have left. 
as your mind is already ready for that and u just press the next button and u are very fine with it. But when a question which u have prepared hits and u are not able to solve it, you lose confidence. And after 5 minutes u mark it for review. putting an extra burden on your mind to review it again and u already wasted 5 min on that, means leaving a question from a topic u prepared equals lossing confidence and time. thats the reason we say we can't manage time. actually it's the lack of practise what is the real cause for it. 
what i feel everyone knows his or her state till now, don't feel the stress.everyone is in same state. no one knows what will happen. and life is very much uncertain,it may be a chance that your paper contain only question u have read so feel relaxed. revise. practise. if u have studied 50% only then there is still a chance to do 50 % correctly then reading 80% in rush and attemping only 30-35% like me. 

at the end it don't matter u failed or passed, u tried that matters. and adverse situations are not in your hand. After gate you should be satisfied with your performance. For that don't miss anything in the paper that u have prepared, u have done a lot just revise if u don't like it. revise . and if u really want to cover something important . read it for only for small amount of time. Top priority should be given to revision now. And don't give up . don't u paid for the form , u have to go for the test. If u are very much sure of failing, fail , u go to gate do the exam and fail, but fail in a way u remember this failure. next time u can say i scored 45 or 50 marks this year i am going to prepare again. If u can't even try then no one can help u. there is nothing called failure, every failure is a new chance of getting success. Just think there is no chance to escape if u really want to change your life. U have to do it once. 

Never give up. u are stronger than u think . just believe in yourself and what u have studied. still there is a lot of time to revise everything u learned. wish u best of luck.  this is my one of the fav images. it's really the real life phases we all cross during life. 

we all are crossing the Dip. just think about it.

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Agree with it. But some points:

  1. If you have no idea about a subject now you can leave it. 
  2. But some portions can be done in 1-2 days maximum. Example, if I'm giving GATE it is better for me to do B-tree portion even now - currently I cannot solve any question on it. Similarly small but important portions can be done even now. 
  3. It is important to avoid time wastage- but I see lots of discussion on irrelevant portions happening in FB and here also. Most of these come from mock tests. It is better to practice previous GATE papers and then even if you are strong in a subject you can just skim through the standard book. Skimming through standard book is better because it'll make your concept stronger. Seeing your own notes is also recommended- because it is your thinking. Mock gate questions can be used for practice, but not good for studying. This is because almost all the portions are covered by previous GATE questions and they are better in standard and it is impossible to predict another portion which might come in GATE. For example, Minimum Average Latency in pipleine was asked in GATE2015, I wonder if any coaching institute had a question on this. They couldn't because it was a strange inclusion. Almost every other question was asked in previous GATE.  
  4. The most important thing to take out from the above post is - if you have studied a portion and know it well you should be able to nail those questions in GATE. After ensuring this do other portions. And less time wastage on tests if you have practiced enough to manage 3 hours properly. 
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