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Which one of the following statements is FALSE?

  1. HTTP runs over TCP
  2. HTTP describes the structure of web pages
  3. HTTP allows information to be stored in a URL
  4. HTTP can be used to test the validity of a hypertext link
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B is false, HTTP is protocol, which has no relations with the structure of a web page. Web page structure is given using HTML.
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HTTP allows information to be stored in a

Thats nothing but a webpage. A webpage can be requested using a HTTP protocol and we get all information contained on it. (For structuring information on webpage we use HTML and its understood by all browsers).
How Option D is correct?
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HTTP uses TCP as the underlying Network Layer protocol.

Option A is True.

HTTP is essentially used for "passing messages" between the browser and the server. HTTP can't influence/describe the webpage structure in any way.

HTML is used to describe webpage structure.

Option B is False.

Let's take a URL for an example.

This URL consists of three parts:

  1. the protocol (http)
  2. the DNS name of the host(
  3. the file name (video/index-en.html)

Now what is the definition of information? I can say these three parts as providing me some information.


Moreover, the URL leads us to the webpage (information). HTTP can, in some sense, "store" this information(webpage) into a URL and let the client have access to it.


By these reasonings

Option C is True.

HTTP is used by broswer clients to fetch the required webpage from the server. If you type in a hypertext link which is invalid, HTTP won't fetch that page.


Option D is True.

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