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Directions $(14 – 18) :$ Read the information given below and on the basis of the information, select the correct alternative for each question given after the information.

$\text{M}$ and $\text{N}$ are good at hockey and volleyball.

$\text{O}$ and $\text{M}$ are good at hockey and baseball.

$\text{P}$ and $\text{N}$ are good at cricket and volleyball.

$\text{O, P}$ and $\text{Q}$ are good at football and basketball.


Who among the following is good at four games $?$

  1. $\text{Q}$
  2. $\text{P}$
  3. $\text{O}$
  4. $\text{M}$
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1 Answer

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  $\text{Hockey}$ $\text{Volleyball}$ $\text{Baseball}$ $\text{Cricket}$ $\text{Football}$ $\text{Basketball}$
$M$ $\checkmark$ $\checkmark$ $\checkmark$      
$N$ $\checkmark$ $\checkmark$   $\checkmark$    
$O$ $\checkmark$   $\checkmark$   $\checkmark$ $\checkmark$
$P$   $\checkmark$   $\checkmark$ $\checkmark$ $\checkmark$
$Q$         $\checkmark$ $\checkmark$

From the above table, we can say $O, P$ is good at four games.

Option $(B) \&(C)$ are correct.

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