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NIELIT 2021 Dec Scientist B - Section A-7

Directions $(7-8) :$ In the given questions below, a statement is given followed by two conclusions numbered $\text{I}$ and $\text{II}$. You have to take the statement to be true. Read both the conclusions and decide which of the two or both follow from the given statement. Given answer $:$

  1. If only conclusion $\text{I}$ follows.
  2. If only conclusion $\text{II}$ follows.
  3. If either $\text{I}$ or $\text{II}$ follows.
  4. If neither $\text{I}$ nor $\text{II}$ follows.


The top management has asked the four managers either to resign by tomorrow or face the order of service termination. Three of them have resigned till this very evening.

  1. The manager who did not resign yesterday will resign tomorrow. 
  2. The management will terminate the service of one manager.
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i think option C is ans

three of them have resigned by this evening then next day definately remainng one will termiate his / her services .

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