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Consider the following iterative root finding methods and convergence properties:

  Iterative root finding methods   Convergence properties
Q. False Position I. Order of convergence = 1.62
R. Newton Raphson II. Order of convergence = 2
S. Secant III. Order of convergence = 1 with guarantee of convergence
T. Successive Approximation IV. Order of convergence = 1 with no guarantee of convergence

The correct matching of the methods and properties is

  1. Q-II, R-IV, S-III, T-I
  2. Q-III, R-II, S-I, T-IV
  3. Q-II, R-I, S-IV, T-III
  4. Q-I, R-IV, S-II, T-III
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Ans B
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Answer: B
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