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Number of states in a minimal Deterministic Finite Automata that accepts the set of strings over the alphabet {a, b} containing at least three occurrences of three consecutive b's, overlapping permitted (e.g., the string bbbbb should be accepted);are_____ 

Now the given Answer is this but I drew another diagram, but I don’t seem to find what is wrong in my diagram and why it cannot be used as a minimal DFA diagram

My diagram:

Given Answer:

So, the given answer is this

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“bbbbababbb” this string has 3 occurance of 3 consecutive ‘b’ so it should be accepted by your dfa. but it is not accepting by your dfa.

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 “containing at least three occurrences of three consecutive b's,”.

As you can see, your DFA not accepting string “bbbabbbb”. but it should be accepted.

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