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Plz can anyone tell me prepration strategies and revision how to do it plz tell me
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@Vaishnavi Gadhe

Revision Strategy ::

Let’s us we share here some General and Important Revision Strategy for GATE 2022 ..

Make short notes ::

Develop the habit of jotting down key concepts from every topic that you study which will make your revision easy...

You can read the short notes when the concepts get blurry, having the key concepts ready will save you a lot of time. Having a book where you note down all your mistakes while solving practice problems will ensure that you do not repeat the same mistakes...

Make yourself a compendium of all-important formulas so you can go through it whenever you want. You can also make memory cards and keep them with you at all times for revision...

Subject coupling ::

Prepare two subjects at a time which are complementary to each other, by doing this you will not get bored with just preparing one subject. Some subjects in the GATE have a vast syllabus.

Coupling subjects together will help students prepare concepts to form multiple topics at the same time. This will also help students with problems that use multiple concepts in one question.…

Parallel Preparation ::

Start with revising two topics at a time (Sub A & B), when you are done with those two, start another two (Sub C & D).

When you are done with sub C & D, revise all four subjects together.

Keep doing this till you finish your entire GATE syllabus. This will help you remember the topic you revise at the very beginning until the end....


Past year question papers ::

It is observed that the concepts are usually repeated in GATE. So, solving past year question papers will give you a fair advantage when it comes to the actual GATE.

It will also give you a clear picture of what type of questions were previously asked and can be repeated?

What could be the weightage of every topic?

And how much marks do each topic or concept carry?

Therefore, you can determine how much time you want to spend on revising every topic accordingly.....

## ..


Take tests every day ::

Take as many topic-wise and subject-wise tests as you can to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Once you identify your weaknesses, try to spend more time practicing those topics. You should take 2-4 tests regularly to recall concepts while you revise...

If you spend ample time on your preparation you will see an increase in your confidence every day. You will find many topic-wise and subject-wise tests online as well as offline....

Multiple mock tests ::

Try to complete your entire syllabus at least 2 months before your GATE exam because that will give you an ample amount of time to take multiple mock tests.

Having good technical knowledge is not enough because GATE is a time-bound examination....

You will need to answer 65 questions in 3 hours, some of which will also have negative markings. Moreover, you need to be very precise and accurate, managing your time is also very crucial.

Therefore, taking multiple mock tests will improve your performance as time goes. It will show which type of questions are a cakewalk for you and which ones give you a hard time...

You will find many online mock tests for GATE but make sure the mock test you take is based on the latest paper pattern. People have different timelines; some can dedicate ten hours a day while some can barely give two hours. It is important to understand how much time you can take out for your preparation....

And then have a revision strategy accordingly.

You can start revising already covered subjects using your short notes and past year question papers.

Revision is one of the important parts of the GATE preparation....

A wholesome revision includes numerical revisions along with the formulas.

As the syllabus for GATE is very wide it may take up a lot of time to revise everything but if you revise regularly that will build a strong conceptual base for you to work with....










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