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Assume that the delivered lines of code L of a software is related to the effort E in person months and duration t in calendar months by the relation L P* (E/B)1/3 * t4/3, where P and B are two constants for the software process and skills factor. For a software project, the effort was estimated to be 20 person months and the duration was estimated to be 8 months. However, the customer asked the project team to complete the software project in 4 months. What would be the required effort in person months?

  1. 10
  2. 40
  3. 160
  4. 320
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P* (E1/B)1/3 * t14/3 = P* (E2/B)1/3 * t24/3

E1 = 20 person-months

t1 = 8 months

t2 = 4 months

On calculation we get E2 = 320 person-months (So, D is the answer)

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yes (D) in correct.

And I got it Exactly 320 ,NOT nearest :P

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Ans is D 320



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