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Hello Everyone, 
I have secured a GATE Rank: of 2286 and a GATE Score of 543 in GATE CSE 2022. What are the possible options for me, Including MS(R), MTech (RA) at IITs, and other premier institutions available for me? 

Additional Details:

  1. This was my maiden attempt in my Third Year of B.Tech. CSE. 
  2. I have a decent research profile, with decent projects, two conference papers, and an ongoing journal paper.


  1. Exposure to cutting-edge technology and professors to work with. 
  2. Good placements (10-20LPA) or Ph.D. Abroad (Preferably European or North Americal Universities) 


  1. Already exhausted with the rigorous practice required, I start with a bang and then end up getting exhausted before the examination, Might work on that. [Need a roadmap (if possible)]

Note: I was enrolled with Made Easy, I have good command on subjects except COA, OS, CN. Should I extend my course or continue with the notes made during my prep. and go for Concept Through questions course during the later part of my journey? 

I would be specifically interested in working on a research lab or as a professor over working for some corporate coding job. 

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