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Consider the following arguments.

$\text{Argument 1:}$ Kerry errs or Myrna fails to show. If Kerry errs, then he does not break the record. Myrna fails to show. Therefore, Kerry does break the record.

$\text{Argument 2:}$ If Tasha leaves, then Carol moves in. If Carol moves in, then Sam is not happy. If Sam is not happy, then Josh laughs. Sam is happy. Hence, Tasha does not leave.

Which of the following is true?

  1. Only Argument $1$ is valid.
  2. Only Argument $2$ is valid.
  3. Both Arguments are valid.
  4. No Argument is valid.
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For argument 1 ,

Let Kerry errs - K  Myrna - M ,

Since K or M fails the show and M fails the show thus K can be True/False ,

thus cannot say if Kerry break the record or not.

so Argument 1 is  Invalid


For argument 2,

Let Tasha leaves -T ,  Carol moves in - C,  Sam is not happy - S , Josh laughs - J

T → C → S → J

Given ¬S  thus T should be false which is a right conclusion.

so Argument 2 is  Valid  

Option B is right.

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