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Q.7 Given below are two statements followed by two conclusions. Assuming these statements to be
true, decide which one logically follows.
I. All film stars are playback singers.
II. All film directors are film stars.
I. All film directors are playback singers.
II. Some film stars are film directors.
(A) Only conclusion I follows.
(B) Only conclusion II follows.
(C) Neither conclusion I nor II follows.
(D) Both conclusions I and II follow.

Here official GATE 2015 key says that (D) is answer and both conclusions follows.

I) is true, because if any film director is present, then statement is true. If there is no film director present, still statement is True.

II) Need not be true, because what if domain of Film directors is empty ? What if there is no film director at all ? Then how can statement II) is true  ?
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We have to see which statement logically follows right?.

According to me it is not necessary that all film directors are playback singers. And it might me possible for second conclusion, some  film stars are film directors. 

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using venn diagram , it will be clear 

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