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A student wrote two context-free grammars G1 and G2 for generating a single C-like array declaration. The dimension of the array is at least one. For example,

                int a[10] [3];

The grammars use D as the start symbol, and use six terminal symbols int ; id [ ] num.
$$\begin{array}{l|l} \text{Grammar } \textbf{G1}  & \text{Grammar } \textbf{G2} \\\hline \text{D} \rightarrow  \textbf{int L;} & \text{D} \rightarrow  \textbf{int L;}\\ 
\text{L} \rightarrow  \textbf{id [E} & \text{L} \rightarrow \textbf{id E}\\ \text{E} \rightarrow \textbf{num ]} & \text{E} \rightarrow \textbf{E [num]}\\ 
\text{E} \rightarrow \textbf{num ] [E} & \text{E} \rightarrow \textbf{[num]}\\ \end{array}$$Which of the grammars correctly generate the declaration mentioned above?

  1. Both G1 and G2
  2. Only G1
  3. Only G2
  4. Neither G1 nor G2
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i dont know whether its a valid reason or not .... but according to me niether g1 nor g2 can generate correctly...... reason : here num is not defined to be an can also be an alphabet.....or float ,etc
In this question its mentioned that dimension of array is "atleast 1". If we choose G2 isnt the dimension of the array becoming atleast 2?
no in g2 if after 2nd it derives 4th line then 1 dimension is also possible

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Option A Both G1 and G2

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i think only g2 is correct because c language is by default row major order

Its mentioned c like language, not C. Don't assume things not mentioned in questions.
thanku so much.. it's really helpful 😊

@smsubham what would if in question it was mentioned that it is c language ? i mean the reason ?


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