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If $m$ students require a total of $m$ pages of stationery in $m$ days, then $100$ students will require $100$ pages of stationery in

  1. $100$ days
  2. $m /100$ days
  3. $100/m$ days
  4. $m$ days
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Ans should be D)

as we know Men and days are inversely proportional and work and days are directly proportional 

so we can write  $\dfrac{M_1D_1}{W_1} =\dfrac{M_2D_2}{W_2}$

According to given data in question 

$\dfrac{m\times m}{m}=\dfrac{100\times D_2}{100}$ 

$D_2 = m$ days 

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This can be solved by unitary method.

m students-------------------> m pages -----------------> in m days

m students--------------------> m/m pages/day=1 page/day

1 student  ---------> 1/m page/day

100 students= 100/m pages/day

GIVEN : 100 students will require 100 pages.

1 day -----------> 100/m pages by      100 students

x days--------------> 100 pages by       100 students.

solve for x by cross multiplication.  x=m days .

hence, option D is correct


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