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Choose the most appropriate pair of words from the options given below to complete the following sentence:

The high level of ___ of the questions in the test was ___ by an increase in the period of time allotted for answering them.

  1. difficulty, compensated
  2. exactitude, magnified
  3. aptitude, decreased
  4. attitude, mitigated
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2 Answers

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difficulty of the questions was compensated by an increase in time

This makes sense as with more time one can expect to solve more difficult questions.

  • "exactitude" means high level of correction and it won't be magnified by an increase in time
  • "aptitude" of the questions also does not decrease with an increase in time.
  • "attitude" of the question does not make sense.

Correct Option: A

answered by Veteran (414k points)
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(A) difficulty, compensated
answered by Active (1.7k points)

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