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Choose the most appropriate alternative from the options given below to complete the following
If the tired soldier wanted to lie down, he ___ the mattress out on the balcony.

  1. should take
  2. shall take
  3. should have taken
  4. will have taken
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ans should be option (a) according to conditional sentences rule
Plz confirm : answer A or C?
Now, I got it correct option is A.
correct answer is (A)
If + simple past then we use 'would (or) would be'.
but we can eliminate the options B, C and D, hence (A) is the correct option.

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Answer C: If the tired soldier wanted to lie down, he should have taken the mattress out on the balcony.

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plz  tell me  which website or book i prefer so that i am able to solve such question. its my humble request to u @kathleen   mam

@Kathleen   mam I think the answer is (A) should take.   

If + simple past = present conditional or present continuous conditional.

Reference :

Mam, please confirm it.



Answer is C. The sentence is Type 3 conditional so we have to use past perfect form in the blank.
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Option (a) is correct because of following rule..

Rule 1) If ....Simple past, subject + should/would + verb1

Rule 2) If + past perfect, subject + should/would/could have + verb3

Rule 3) If + simple present, subject + shall/will + verb1

so,given sentence follows rule 1.Hence option (a) is correct.
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nice explanation sir.
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Official Answer as per GATE 2012 Key -> A.
by Boss
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answer should be should take.
by Active
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Answer should be C. Its logical and makes sense.
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