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Following table gives data on tourist from different countries visiting India in the year $2011$

$$\begin{array}{|l|c|} \hline \textbf{Country} & \textbf{Number of tourists}\\\hline \text{USA} & \text{2000}\\\hline \text{England} & \text{3500}\\\hline \text{Germany} & \text{1200}\\\hline \text{Italy} & \text{1100} \\\hline \text{Japan} & \text{2400}\\\hline \text{Australia} & \text{2300}\\\hline \text{France} & \text{1000}\\\hline \end{array}$$

Which two countries contributed to the one third of the total number of tourists who visited India in $2011$?

  1. USA and Japan
  2. USA and Australia
  3. England and France
  4. Japan and Australia
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Total number of tourists who visited India in $2011= 13500$

One third of total tourists $=13500 \div 3= 4500$ 

OPTION A: USA and Japan $=4400$ 

OPTION B: USA and Australia $=4300$

OPTION D: Japan and Australia $=4700$

OPTION C: England and France $ =4500$ which is one third of total tourists. Hence C is the answer.

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Ans (C)
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