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Abhishek is elder to Savar. Savar is younger to Anshul. Which of the given conclusions is logically valid and is inferred from the above statements?

  1. Abhishek is elder to Anshul
  2. Anshul is elder to Abhishek
  3. Abhishek and Anshul are of the same age
  4. No conclusion follows
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There are two possibilities which we can derive from the statments given...

                1st is ...>                                   Anshul




2nd is                                               Abhishek



but there is no clear relationship between Anshul and Abhishek...So option D is correct.

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$D)$ No conclusion follows as we can not derive any relationship between Abhishek and Anshul with the given data.
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Abishek is eldered to ansul
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d .. no conclusion follows
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option D as more information need to be provided to knoe about ansul and abhisek
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In this, we can interpret it as Savar is younger to Abhishek and Anshul

as we don't have any information about the relation in between Abhishek and Anshul so Answer is D.
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abhishek > sawar  for example  ( 10     >   5 )

anshul >sawar      for example    (8  >   5)


no relation b/w 10 and 8  

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