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In the Karnaugh map shown below, X denotes a don’t care term. What is the minimal form of the function represented by the Karnaugh map?


  1. $\bar{b}.\bar{d} + \bar{a}.\bar{d}$

  2. $\bar{a}.\bar{b} + \bar{b}.\bar{d} + \bar{a}.b.\bar{d}$

  3. $\bar{b}.\bar{d} + \bar{a}.b.\bar{d}$

  4. $\bar{a}.\bar{b} + \bar{b}.\bar{d} + \bar{a}.\bar{d}$

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2 Quads are getting formed:


Value for First one is a'd' and value for 2$^{nd}$ one is $b'd'.$

Answer is Option A.

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m0 ,m1,m8 ,m9 form one quad a'd'

m0,m2,m8,m10 form one quad b'd'

So f=a'd'+b'd'

Ans is a
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hi, why we are not taking m0,m4,m12,m8 means with dont care
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answer - A
answered by Loyal (8.8k points)
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X denotes a don’t care term ,means we can take them whenever necessary.Here, if we take 1 don't care,it is sufficient (m10)

m0 ,m1,m8 ,m9 -> a'd'

m0,m2,m8,m10 -> b'd'

So, Option A is correct

answered by Active (3.8k points)

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