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Rajan was not happy that Sajan decided to do the project on his own. On observing his unhappiness, Sajan explained to Rajan that he preferred to work independently.

Which one of the statements below is logically valid and can be inferred from the above sentences?

  1. Rajan has decided to work only in a group.
  2. Rajan and Sajan were formed into a group against their wishes.
  3. Sajan had decided to give in to Rajan's request to work with him.
  4. Rajan had believed that Sajan and he would be working together.
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option A discarded: Sajan preferred to work independently

option B discarded: No expectation so no unhappiness

option C discarded: Sajan preferred to work independently

option D correct: unhappy as he believed to be working together

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Answer : [D]

Read passage again. you will get my point.
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B is the correct answer....
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answer D option A and C are out of context option B is wrong because their group were formed with Rajan will (against only Sajan's wish) option D:- Rajan was not happy about preference of Sajan working alone, because he(Rajan) wanted to work together.

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