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GATE score 2016 :

50 [612 ] – According to gateoverflow app



Normalized Marks :


Category :




Last Year rank:

~ 10 k


Maharashtra State

B.E. Computer Engineering Percentage

73 %

Professional Experience:




L&T Infotech

Information security Engineer trainee

1 year

Accenture Inc.

Web Developer[Microsoft .NET]

9 months

Ubiquity Solutions

Web developer Intern [PHP]

6 months

I wish to pursue a career in the information security domain.

Getting a TOP NIT’s info security seat seems to be highly improbable with above marks. So this means I can get into a low ranked NITs which are equal to the top state universities as per what I have read.

Question 1.

Which one is better VJTI-Mumbai or COEP pune vs Average level NIT?

VJTI offers Mtech NIMS course that has Info. Security Modules. I liked the overall course structure and also this college is close to my house.The placements are good with many product companies visiting the college.

Question 2.

CCMT begins in mid april and the state universities application process begins in mid july.

Can I reserve seat in CCMT and then try for the state universities, and If I get the state university opt to leave the NIT seat? How much money would I lose this way.

Any other suggestions are welcomed.


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1 Answer

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NIT, because they also have a TAG!
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NITs don't have a tag for mtech, especially middle, lower ones.
As compared to COEP and VJTI. Avg NIT Seems better! What do you think about COEP and VJTI?
arjun sir what do u suggest b/w vjti ,coep or prepare with job ..
I am from Mumbai, I have 3-4 friends doing Btech and 1 friend doing Mtech in VJTI.
Heres what I could get to know.
The faculty isnot good there. Infact sometimes whole semester passes by without a proper faculty for a subject. So, if you are depending on profs to learn, then its a big NO..
The placement is just above average, you can get good offers, if you are a good student. but, again companies prefer Btech students in comparison to Mtech ones.
Overall, campus life is good enough.
Thanks for the information Abhilash
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