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What is the maximum size of data that the application layer can pass on to the TCP layer below?

  1. Any size

  2. $2^{16}$ bytes - size of TCP header

  3. $2^{16}$ bytes

  4. $1500$ bytes

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Its transport layers responsibility to divide data in to fragments/ packets. Application layer need not worry about it.

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Fragmentation is done at network layer, not at transport layer
segmentation is done at transport layer
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Application layer can give any amount of data to application layer and it is responsibilty of transport layer to di segmentation for better servicing of network layer.

Option -A
what does this mean "Application layer can give any amount of data to application layer" ??
This mean data sent by application layer to transport layer. Application layer can sent any amount of data to transport layer
And if we talk about transport layer, then how much data (max) it can send to network layer?

is there any such limit?
In transport layer ethernet has a limit of sending data. Min data size:- 46B to 1500B where as frame size is 64B to 1518B.

Application layer: can send any size of data

Transport Layer: It is a stream-based protocol,it chunks the data in MSS and add the header.MSS is 1460 and by default 536 byte.packet exceeding MSS aren't fragmented, they are simply discarded.

Network Layer:max payload length=1480 byte

DLL: MTU=1500 byte

The absolute limitation on TCP packet size is 64K (65535 bytes), but in practicality, this is far larger than the size of any packet you will see, because the lower layers (e.g. ethernet) have lower packet sizes.Initially, its default value is 536 B .

but 1500B MTU is in ethernet only, or is it for every LAN standard..?

true, bcoz of 16 bits in total length field of IP right..?
what is MSS for TCP? 1500 or 536?
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The correct option is A because if the application layer won't be sent the amount of data given to him then it is not feasible for it to be a part in the TCP model.
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Application layer can forward any size of the data to transport layer, but transport layer ensure that each segment should be of 64KB.
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