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If you feel that exam-related stress is not helping you give it your best shot, contact the 'Counsellor' on this website. The Counsellors are trained psychologists who provide a safe space to anyone who might be feeling the blues. All your interactions with the Counsellor will be kept strictly confidential.

The best way to get in touch with a Counsellor is to send a personal message. Replies will usually come within a few hours.

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Hi friends my name is Vasundhara. i was just going through unanswered questions when this question caught my attention. Well I am preparing for gate 2017 and hence can relate with question.

Please dont take any stress for exam because stress drains out all positivity,hope and believe within us.Let us prepare this exam with hard work and consistency. Do not stress out and lose confidence but rather give in to ur belief that you are talented and hence you are giving this exam. I know that joining IIT is a dream come true hence let work hard together and help each other to achieve it. Gate is not about just talented and smart people. It is an exam to each and every candidate who believes and hopes and executes it with faith in ourself. I have read many blogs and came to know this thing that they had achieved this success not just taking tension but doing deligent hard work.

So if anyone of you is stressed than just reverse this stressed and treat yourself with it (yups!!!!  guesssed it right its DESSERTS) cause you have overcome your stress and have started towards your goal once again :)  All the best !!!!  :)

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