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While receiving the award, the scientist said, "I feel vindicated". Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word 'vindicated'?

  1. Punished
  2. Substantiated 
  3. Appreciated 
  4. Chastened
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Substantiated means to prove something or give proof of , show to be true  and he feels vindicate means free from blame or clear or exculplate  means he proof whatever they wants so now he feels vindicate. and chastened means something misfortune or feeling low  means after doing hard work and u did not get or even u get worse on that time u feel low or humble 

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option B

Vindicated means to free from allegation(unproved) and substantiate means prove the truth of.

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According to the essence of whole sentence answer should be (C) Appreciated
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That is given to confuse.It is not necessary that after receiving award he must feel appreciated.
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Answer: option [B]

vindicate means to prove, to reassert.

The only word in closest in meaning is substantiated.
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Write option is B Substantiated ( justified) Synonym of vindicated
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B) its the synonym of vindicated

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