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The statistics of runs scored in a series by four batsmen are provided in the following table. Who is the most consistent batsman of these four?

  Batsman    Average    Standard deviation
      K  31.2   5.21
      L  46.0   6.35
     M  54.4   6.22
     N  17.9   5.90
  1. K
  2. L
  3. M
  4. N


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I think the answer is A. K

Average only gives the mean value, Standard Deviation gives how close to mean value (consistency) of a sample population distribution.

A standard deviation close to 0 means very close to mean value of a distribution.

Here K has the lowest SD (5.21)
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@ Arjun sir, I think this ans is wrong.

my answer is C.

here, we have to consider the coefficient of variation..
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Most consistent is the least dispersion in the scores. We have a parameter called Coefficient of Variance which is used to measure relative measure of dispersion between two sets.

Coefficient of Variance(CV) = $\frac{Standard Deviation}{Mean}$

Calculating it for all the four players.

K's CV = 0.167

L's CV = 0.138

M's CV = 0.114

N's CV = 0.329

Larger the value of CV, less consistent the player is.

So the most consistent player is M here

Option C

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answer is C..

consistent batsman means indirectly asking for lesser coefficient of variance.

coefficient of variance (CV) =standard deaviation/mean

K's CV=0.16

L's CV=0.13

M's CV=0.11

N's CV=0.32

so ans should be C..
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