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Which of the following options is the closest in meaning to the sentence below?

$\text{“As a woman, I have no country.” }$

  1. Women have no country. 
  2. Women are not citizens of any country. 
  3. Women’s solidarity knows no national boundaries. 
  4. Women of all countries have equal legal rights.
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3 Answers

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As a women I have no country

What this statement means? Does it mean that women are not accepted in any country? Definitely no. Rather it means that a women does not consider people from other countries any different. i.e., we are not talking about nationalist women here rather we are talking about women who considers those from other countries the same as from their own country (of course it does not make them anti-national as some believe). If interested you can read more here.

Now, when a statement is given and asked for the meaning we cannot consider any external facts into consideration.

  1. Wrong as this statement means that no country is welcome to women as against the meaning conveyed by the given sentence
  2. Wrong - the given statement says nothing about citizenship
  3. Correct - expresses the same meaning as given sentence
  4. Wrong - this may or may not be universally true, but in no way expresses the same meaning as given statement
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You can surely go with option (3). That Woman's solidarity knows no national boundaries.

Because option (1) and (2) are surely not correct & option (4) is not suitable, in my views.


Thx. All the best.
answered by Boss (35.5k points)

bro ur answer can be correct bt why no D . bcz  in D  women of all country having equal rights . thats means according to me  womens  are equal in all countries and that implies women having no specific country .  so that is same as   ""women have no country" ???

There are some strict rules for women in some countries.
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"Women have no country" - Women's doesn't belongs to any country.

This doesn't make any sense according to the given phrase.

"Women are not citizens of any country"- Women's doesn't have any citizenship of any countries across the world.

This is also couldn't express the actual meaning of the phrase.

"Women’s solidarity knows no national boundaries " -

Solidarity means unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.

- Different country's women can be united with another country's women.
So, this option actually express the meaning of the given phrase.

"Women of all countries have equal legal rights"- All the countries have same legal rights for women.

So, Option C) will be the right option.

answered by Boss (16.7k points)
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You did a mistake here - when a statement is given you are not supposed to take into account the real world facts unless specified to do so. We can only assume the given facts -- we might even have to assume women have mustache if that is a given statement.
Ok Sir, then i have to change the 4th statement facts, right ?
None of the statements you told about women in general can be used here. Every conclusion must be only from the given statement. Suppose it is asked "is it the case that women are taller than men on average" answer should not be "no" even though that is the case, because this fact is not given in the statement.
why cant option B  correct??
It is about what the given sentence means. I mean just logic is not enough to answer this question - hence verbal ability.
Yes, Sir. I understand. :)

I've updated the answer. Please check

Still not fully expressing the given statement. See this


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