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The protocol data unit (PDU) for the application layer in the Internet stack is:

(A) Segment
(B) Datagram
(C) Message
(D) Frame
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(C) Message is answer.

For Application, Presentation and Session layers, the PDU is message

For Transport layer, PDU is segment for TCP and datagram for UDP

For Network layer, PDU is packet

For Datalink layer, PDU is frames

For physical layer, PDU is stream of bits
answered by Boss (18k points)
The answer is Message but I have a doubt. If datagram is related to UDP datagram or IP datagram?
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PDU for the presentation layer is messages.

PDU for transport layer is segment.

PDU for network layer is packet or datagram.

PDU for datalink layer is frame .

PDU for physical layer are bit streams .
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In Netwok layer PDU is called as Datagram.

In transport layer ,PDU is called as Segment.

Whereas In the application layer the PDU is called as the Message.
answered by Loyal (8.6k points)
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PDU for application layer is message.
 For transport layer is segment.
  For network layer is packet or datagram.
   For datalink layer is frame and for physical layer is bit streams.
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message is the correct at application layer the user directly abble open it and use it
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appropiate answer is c
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