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i think , No of ways it can be done is 7(6)^6

first place can be fill by 7 ways

second colour can be fill by 6

And same goes on till seventh place ..

Consider an example of RGB as colours

And you need to apply above question

1) First colour will be filled by 3 ways : R or G or B

Let us say we select R

2) Second Colour will be filled by 2 ways ( G and B ) say G

3) Thrd colour will be filled by 2 ways (  R and B )  say R or even say B

so you can have RGB or RGR --Look no 2 adj layers have same colours .

Hence No of ways it can be coloured is 7!(6!)^6 ways

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is not it 7*6^6 ???
the no. of ways are 7*6^6.

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