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Which of the following sorting algorithms has the minimum running time complexity in the best and average case?

  1. Insertion sort, Quick sort
  2. Quick sort, Quick sort
  3. Quick sort, Insertion sort
  4. Insertion sort, Insertion sort
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3 Answers

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Insertion sort best case O(n)

Quick sort avg case O(n log n)

Ans (A)
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  1. Insertion sort (n) , Quick sort( n logn)
  2. Quick sort (n logn), Quick sort(n logn)
  3. Quick sort (n logn)), Insertion sort(n2)
  4. Insertion sort (n), Insertion sort(n2)
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In bestcase Quick sort takes nlogn bt in option c u hv writtten Quick sort(n)  ??
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                                          Best Case                   Average Case

Insertion Sort                     O(n)                                O(n^2)

Quick Sort                       O(nlogn)                          O(nlogn)

                                   ---------------------                -----------------------

=>Minimum                      O(n)                               O(nlogn)

=================>Insertion Sort           ,        Quick Sort

So (A) is correct

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