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Any set of Boolean operators that is sufficient to represent all Boolean expressions is said to be complete. Which of the following is not complete?

  1. {NOT, OR}
  2. {NOR}
  3. {AND, OR}
  4. {AND, NOT}
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NAND AND NOR are universal gate  and with the help of these gates we can implement any other function. Hence they are called functionally complete

option a)

Not + Or = Nor gate only

option b ) It says NOR

option d ) And + not = NAND gate

So remaining is option c---which is answer :)
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But answer given in answer key is option B
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A) NOT + OR = NOR (complete)

B) NOR(complete)

C) AND + OR = (not complete)

D) AND + NOT = NAND(complete)

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NAND & NOR is functionally complete which can also be represented as option d & a respectively.
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